The best certified Lexus auto body shop is located in Chandler AZ.  It is centrally located right on the border of Chandler and Gilbert AZ.  Who knew?  Experienced Lexus owners won’t take their cars anywhere else.

Autopro Collision Center has been fixing luxury cars for over 15 years.  We are an experienced Lexus auto body shop.  Our technicians have forgotten more about fixing your Lexus that most shops will ever know.  A Lexus is a very high-quality car.  Its fit and finish are next to none.  The proud Lexus owner wants the car returned to original factory condition.  No collision repair shop does a better job than Autopro Collision Center.

This Lexus had a front bumper cover repaint for damage and a rear bumper cover replacement:

Best Lexus Auto Body Shop

Two important considerations when doing auto body repair on a Lexus:

Repaint Quality The Lexus Auto Body Shop Way

First and foremost, quality repainting is the only way to give a factory new appearance to painting repairs on a Lexus.  It starts with surface preparation including sanding properly down to the hard surface.  Then priming and sanding again before paint and clear coat application.  Also, many Lexus have three stage paint.  This requires a steady hand on the paint spray gun and a knack for blending to adjacent panels.  Learn more about three stage paint and blending here.  Also, we have the best painter in Arizona at Autopro Collision Center.

Symmetry of Re-installed Parts

Next re-installing parts on an auto body repaired Lexus is more than screwing on the repainted parts.  All car doors and panels are made with built in adjustments.  The art of the deal is re-installing those parts so all the gaps are equal and level with the surrounding panels.  There are many tricks to getting this right.  The technicians at Autopro Collision Center are industry trained and i-Car Certified to know how to do it right.  We do auto body repair on many Lexus every month so we get a lot of practice.

Lastly, learn why experienced Lexus owners only use Autopro Collision Center.  Stop by daily between 6 and 8 for a free estimate.  You will learn our prices are seldom beat.  In fact, our quality never is.