Autobody Ford Mustang upgrades are the dream of all Pony owners.  Autopro Collision Center is the master of all things Mustang!  Doing Mustang upgrades takes experience and experienced technicians to produce results that do a Mustang justice.  When you consider upgrading your Mustang, only consider Autopro Collision Center as your project partner.

Here is one example of what can be done to dress up a stock Mustang:

Autobody Ford Mustang Upgrades     

              Autobody Ford Mustang Upgrades

This is one mean looking Mustang!  Believe it or not, it is a standard EcoBoost 4 cylinder with the following upgrades:

  1. New hood.  The custom hood needed to be painted but we were able to sell the old hood to help defray the overall cost.
  2. New wheels and tires with spacers.
  3. New striping on the sides, front to back and special detail under the hood.

During collision repair we gain experience with all types of modifications and also have accumulated a list of top quality vendors who do specialty work.  High-quality upgrades help create a vehicle that turns heads but also raise the value.

Other popular Mustang autobody upgrades:

  1. Grills
  2. Suspension
  3. Roush Kits
  4. Wings
  5. After market leather seat covers
  6. Light roll bars on convertibles

Many upgrades involve painting to match.  There is no one better that a collision repair shop like Autopro Collision Center who matches the paint on hundreds of cars and trucks every month.  We use BASF painting system, the top painting system on the market.  BASF paint is so good we stand behind it with a lifetime warranty.  Our lifetime warranty also applies to all the work we do on your car.  It even applies to the upgrades.  Doing collision repair we are experienced in aligning parts so the fit and finish are just like it comes from the factory.

Lastly, you want it done right.  Spending a couple thousand dollars to make your Mustang one of a kind can increase the value of the car.  When the work is done by Autopro Collision Center we promise it will look terrific also.  Stop by Autopro Collision Center for a free estimate on collision repair and upgrades to your Mustang.  480-812-3556.