Your Automobile Engine Overheated – What You Should Do Now. If you live in Southern Arizona, most likely you enjoy our mild winters and are thankful for not having to shovel snow or deal with the extreme winter conditions of those who live in the Northern parts of the Country. Frigid temperatures, snow, ice, and other extreme winter conditions can wreak havoc on our automobiles. But although we are spared from the harsh winter conditions of our neighbors to the north, Arizonans still must endure the heat from our extreme summers. Would you know what to do if your car overheated? Here are a few tips.

Your Automobile Engine Overheated - What You Should Do Now

Your Automobile Engine Overheated – What You Should Do Now

When your car overheats it can be more than just an aggravation; it can also cause serious damage to the engine of your car. Most modern automobiles have warning lights and other computer-controlled devices to warn you of potential problems before they occur. Of course, the best thing to do is to check your automobiles coolant, oil, and other fluids to avoid overheating altogether. But even if you maintain your car properly and with all of these devices; it is still possible that your car engine could overheat.

If your car does overheat, here are some things you should do right away:


Pull Over – Look for a safe place to pull over, and then park, and turn the engine off. Turn your emergency flashers on.

Lift The Hood – Warning: use caution before lifting the hood. If there is visible steam or water, wait before lifting the hood; as you could be burned by the hot steam or any water that may be coming from a broken water hose. Lifting the hood will allow the engine compartment to receive more air and allow the heat to dissipate faster. By raising your hood, you are also alerting other drivers that you are experiencing car troubles.

Do Not Open The Radiator Cap – New cars have a sealed coolant system. These systems are under pressure and opening the cap could cause a serious burn injury. Once the engine has completely cooled down, if you have extra coolant, add that to the coolant reservoir if it is empty.

Seek Help – If you have a cell phone call AAA or other roadside assistance help. It is best to have your car towed to a service facility to avoid further engine damage. 

Your Automobile Engine Overheated – What You Should Do Now

To help avoid engine overheating, you should periodically check the engine fluids to be sure they are at the proper levels. Also, have your car serviced regularly by following your vehicles maintenance schedule. Having your car’s coolant system checked and serviced can help avoid engine overheating. Pay attention to any warning lights and gauges and have your car checked if you suspect there may be a problem. 

These are only a few tips on engine overheating and your car may require more extensive services before summer begins. We hope you found these tips helpful. For all your auto body needs; contact Carstar Autopro Collision Center at the number listed below or by sending us an emailWe are an AAA Approved Auto Body Repair Center located in the heart of Chandler, Arizona.

In addition, we also have an A+ BBB Accreditation Rating and are an Angie’s List Super Service Award Winner. Carstar Autopro Collision Center is a collision repair specialist center with one goal in mind; to provide courteous, professional and unparalleled collision repair service!

Your Automobile Engine Overheated – What You Should Do Now

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Your Automobile Engine Overheated - What You Should Do Now


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