Arizona Lemon Law – What To Do If Your Car Is A Lemon. What is a lemon and how do you know if you have one? The term “lemon” is used to describe a new car that after it was purchased, was in constant need of repair. A new car should be worry-free or at least until it has some miles on it. But sometimes people purchase a car that ends up in the shop just after buying it. If your new car is always in the shop, chances are, you got a lemon! So, what can you do if you got a lemon?

Arizona Lemon Law

Arizona Lemon Law – What To Do If Your Car Is A Lemon

Luckily, there are both State and Federal laws to protect you so you are not stuck driving a lemon. In Arizona (as well as in all States) you can seek protection under our State Lemon Law Statutes. So, what should you do if you suspect you may be driving a lemon? First, you will need to do your homework on both State and Federal Lemon Laws.

Federal Lemon Laws – The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act is the federal Law enforced by the Federal Trade Commission. This law keeps car manufacturers and automobile dealers from requiring that repairs be done by the dealer. So long as the repairs were not the cause of other mechanical issues due to faulty materials or workmanship. If the repairs caused other issues, then you may not be covered by your automobile warranty. You will be responsible for maintaining all service records for your vehicle. You should always read your warranty and make sure you understand what is covered.

Arizona Lemon Laws – In Arizona you may be entitled to a full refund, vehicle replacement or be compensated for damages or repairs to your vehicle. Also, you could also be entitled to attorney fees if you had to hire an attorney to represent you in a Leman Law claim. This is all in addition to the protections in Federal Lemon laws as well. In Arizona, you are protected by either one or both laws. 

Arizona Lemon Law – What To Do If Your Car Is A Lemon

Other Protections – Other Lemon Law protections include the Truth In Lending Act. If you think you may have been sold a lemon, first try to work with the dealer who sold you the car to resolve the issue. If they are unwilling to make good on their warranty, then you should see if you qualify under either State or Federal Lemon Law protections. You may also want to seek the advice of a Lemon Law attorney to help with this matter.

Keep in Mind Arizona Lemon Laws only apply to new vehicles weighing under 10,000 lbs. These protections only cover the vehicle for two years or 24,000 miles, whichever comes first. All defects must be reported before your vehicle exceeds the time or mileage limits. If it’s a used car you are only covered for 500 miles or 15 days from the date of sale. Visit for more information on Arizona Lemon Laws. 

Arizona Lemon Law – What To Do If Your Car Is A Lemon

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Arizona Lemon Law - What To Do If Your Car Is A Lemon

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